CD - Andrea Sharp - You Can Call Me Annie

CD - Andrea Sharp - You Can Call Me Annie
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A singer-songwriter true to the North American tradition of some of folk and country-western music's golder golden days. A blues singer croons in "How Much?". "Fast-Track Romance" verges on scat. And "Chained" touches a place deep in your soul right where it longs to be touched. These eight all-original songs are stories told in a simple, soulful, unadorned style. Listen to samples or download MP3s at CD IS SOLD OUT.

· The Fast-Track Romance Hall of Fame (A song for baseball lovers everywhere.)

· Wanted Man (She's in love with you. You're a wanted man!)

· Give Me A Private I (Catch the latest modern witch-hunt, American style!)

· The Rhythm Of The City (Grab your keys because we're leaving, going out for a cruise...)

· Tumbleweed (Stories about growing up in the hot dusty desert town of San Bernardino, California.)

· How Much? (How much can a woman want a man? How much desire can one woman stand?)

· Louisiana Nights (The whole world knew that from the very first kiss, Annie and Lou were in a state of bliss.)

· Chained (A passion born will never sleep. The seeds take root and merely grow.)

All original: love songs, ballads, heartache, and humor. Two in stock.

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